Apollo Theater drama



I’ve never been to the Apollo theater before.

I love Eels, they announced a show there, so I bought a ticket.

When I went on ticketmaster, there was a front row seat available. At least, that’s what it looked like.

Not the case. I got there and was ushered up to one of the smaller balconies on the sides of the stage.

Initially, I was excited. I’ve never been to the Apollo, and now I’m sitting in one of those special boxes on the side of the stage where (presumably) only special people sit? Cool!

Inside the box were 5 chairs and 4 people pushing 60. Their ages didn’t matter. What did matter was that they were already fighting about the seating situation.

All of our tickets said “Row 1″…but when you have 5 seats in a 5 square foot area, the lines get a bit blurry.

One of the women found this completely unacceptable. At first, she refused to sit until the couple, who were there first, left their seats. Once she sat down, she continued yelling about a refund. The band were slated to start any minute.

Finally, she calmed down a bit, but continued to mutter under her breath the entire time. Her husband never said a word.

Once the band started, she intentionally moved her chair directly in front of the other couple in order to block their view. When the woman behind her politely asked if she could move a bit to the left, she threw up her hands and said, “What?! I’m just trying to relax and have a good time!”

With this, I left the balcony, found an empty seat elsewhere and enjoyed the show.

As the show ended, I got on the A train and sat down. I looked up and caught eyes with the person next to me. Sitting there was the woman and her husband.

Her husband read the newspaper and the woman sat quietly. Neither spoke.

I wonder if they had a good time.

Apollo Selfie


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