We Are All Devo


I realized last week that I’m a nerd.

I’m ok with it. I always thought I was ok with it. But last week it really clicked. 

I went to see Devo by myself. 

Alan Myers? Dead. Bob 2? Dead. I still had to go. 

The crowd seemed nice. Mostly middle-aged white guys. Some brought their wife and kids. 

Regardless of who was or wasn’t with them though, they were pumped. Devo hats, old tour shirts, work attire…whatever, they were chanting (the “Bob 2” chant was very touching), yelling, recounting stories of seeing them here or there. 

It made me realize that these weren’t just music fans. They may not have even been music fans. They were DEVO fans.

They knew every word to every song, they probably cried when they heard about Alan or Bob 2. They might have “Honk if you’re Devo” bumper stickers or Devo tattoos. 

I felt similar when I was surrounded by Eels fans a few weeks prior, but this was a different thing. 

It made me think about music, art, whatever. 

When I was 8 and I heard the Dead Milkmen it triggered something. The humor, the tempo, the hyper self-awareness parading as nihilism…I got it. 

For the 2 hours that Devo played last week, everyone in the room was united. Nobody felt weird or alone, awkward or self-conscious, ugly or depressed. They were all Devo. Devo triggered that thing in them, so they were united. 

The band felt it. The crowd felt it. I felt it. And then it was over and everyone went home. 

I wish every show made me feel that way. 



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